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A party outside the ordinary

Software and digital solutions will account for an increasing share of Sandvik's revenues in the future. The online event DISCO Days aims to boost digital knowledge and expertise, and you are invited to the party.

More than 1,100 Sandvik employees joined the DISCO Days (Digital Shift Community Days) event and participated in over 30 external and internal sessions, covering topics like AI, design automation, data collection, and cybersecurity.

See some of the sessions on our YouTube channel.

Targeting digital growth

One focus area in the Sandvik strategy is to make the digital shift and to be a leader in the digital transformation of its industries. The company has set a target to achieve SEK 6.5 billion in revenues from software and digital solutions by 2025 and is well on its way to achieving it. Revenues in 2024 amounted to SEK 4.9 billion, a remarkable increase compared to SEK 600 million in 2020.

Stefan Widing, President and CEO, was a keynote speaker at the event. "Software and digital products will take an increasingly large part of the value we provide to our customers. We need to take new positions in the value chain surrounding the hardware products that provide additional value to our customers. Digitalization is also a way to avoid the commoditization of hardware products", he adds.

Chief Digital Officer Sofia Sirvell added:

If we continue to complement our superior physical products with software, we will be unbeatable.

She also mentioned the ambition to acquire more companies that can complement the current portfolio and “add more gems to our collection of digital products.”

The future of software and AI in industry

Widing and Sirvell also discussed the expression “software is eating the world,” meaning that software technology is becoming increasingly influential, transforming the way businesses operate and providing new opportunities for growth. “This year we talk not only about software eating the world but also that AI is eating software. AI is growing, new companies are appearing, and AI is creating solutions that also threaten the software players. So they also need to adapt to new business models and new ways of working, or they might go out of business,” Widing said.

View avilable jobs within IT and Software Development here.

DISCO Days is a way to increase digital knowledge within Sandvik, and now you are also invited to take part in some of the sessions. The following are available on YouTube:

● AI - Hallucination, Impersonation, Misuse: AI has enormous potential in our society, and its use is exploding. But in several areas, AI can be a threat.

● VR Training - A New Era for Competence Development in Mining and Tunneling: Our fast-paced society increases the demand for skilled staff, making the introduction of new and better training solutions critical.

● The Hoarding Syndrome - Collecting Data Is Not the Answer to Your Problems: Data in all shapes and forms is nothing new to us. For more than a decade, companies have collected enormous amounts of data.

● Shaping the Developer Experience - Sandvik's Journey to a Digital Frontier: Step into the future of software development at Sandvik and witness the evolution that's setting a new standard for developer productivity.

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