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Legal entities

The controller of personal data is the employing Sandvik entity. Please see the table below for a list of the Sandvik entities.

Legal entities of the Sandvik Group of companies
Country Entity name
Argentina DSI Underground Argentina S.A.
Argentina Sandvik Argentina S.A.
Argentina Sandvik Mining and Construction Argentina S.A.
Argentina Seco Tools Argentina S.A.
Armenia Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology AM LLC
Australia Deswik Brazil Holdings Pty Ltd
Australia Deswik Group Pty Ltd
Australia Deswik Mining Consultants (Australia) Pty Ltd
Australia Deswik Software Solutions Pty Ltd
Australia DSI Australia (Holdings) Pty Ltd
Australia DSI Holdings 1 Australia Pty Ltd
Australia DSI Holdings 2 Australia Pty Ltd
Australia DSI Underground Australia Pty Limited
Australia Fero Group (Queensland) Pty Ltd
Australia Fero Group Pty Ltd
Australia Fero Reinforcing Pty Ltd
Australia Fero Strata Systems Pty Ltd
Australia Heintzmann Australia Pty Ltd
Australia NTX Australia Pty Ltd
Australia Sandvik Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Australia Sandvik Australia Pty Ltd
Australia Sandvik Financial Services Pty Ltd
Australia Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia (Production/Supply) Pty Ltd
Australia Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia Pty Ltd
Australia Sandvik Rock Processing Australia Pty Limited
Australia Seco Tools Australia Pty Ltd
Australia SigmaTEK Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
Australia S-Process Equipment Australia Pty Limited
Australia Stratabolt Resins Australia Pty Ltd
Australia Tricon Drilling Solutions Pty Ltd
Austria DSI Underground Austria GmbH
Austria Sandvik in Austria Gesellschaft GmbH
Austria Sandvik Invest AB Zweigniederlassung Österreich
Austria Sandvik Mining and Construction G.m.b.H.
Austria Seco Tools Gesellschaft GmbH
Austria Walter Austria GmbH
Austria Wolfram Bergbau und Hütten AG
Belgium S.A. Seco Tools Benelux N.V.
Belgium Walter Benelux N.V./S.A.
Botswana Sandvik Botswana (Pty) Ltd
Brazil CGTech Brasil Consultoria de Software Eireli
Brazil Dormer Pramet Solucoes Para Usinagem Ltda
Brazil DSI Underground System Brasil Indústria e Comercio Ltda
Brazil FREZITE Ferramentas de Corte LTDA
Brazil MCB Serviços e Mineração Ltda.
Brazil Sandvik Holding do Brazil Ltda
Brazil Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology do Brasil Ltda
Brazil Sandvik Rock Processing Brasil Ltda
Brazil Seco Tools Indústria e Comércio Ltda.
Brazil SigmaTEK Systems Brasil Ltda.
Brazil Walter do Brazil Ltda
Bulgaria Sandvik Bulgaria EOOD
Burkina Faso Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology Burkina Faso SARL
Canada 11740750 Canada Limited
Canada Artisan Vehicles, Inc.
Canada Cimatron Technologies Inc (Canada)
Canada Deswik (Canada) Inc
Canada DSI Underground Canada Ltd.
Canada ICAM Technologies Corporation
Canada Indexable Cutting Tools of Canada LLC
Canada Inrock Ltd.
Canada MISY Canada Inc
Canada Newtrax Holdings Inc
Canada Newtrax Technologies Inc
Canada Norgalv Limited
Canada Norprop Limited
Canada Postability Inc.
Canada Sandvik Canada, Inc.
Canada SigmaTEK Canada, LLC (Delaware)
Chile Deswik Chile SpA
Chile DSI Underground Chile SpA
Chile DSI Underground Ventilation Systems S.p.A.
Chile NTX Chile SpA
Chile Sandvik Chile S.A.
Chile Sandvik Financial Services S.A.
Chile Sandvik Mining and Construction Chile S.A.
Chile Sandvik Rentals Chile SPA
Chile Schenck Process Austral SA
China Beijing CGTech Software Co., Ltd.
China Chuzhou OMK Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.
China Chuzhou Yongpu Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.
China Cimatron (Beijing) Technologies Co. Ltd.
China Dormer Tools (Shanghai) Co Ltd
China DSI Underground Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
China DWFRitz Precision Automation
China DWFritz Technology Limited
China Jinan Lingong Mining and Rock Technology Co Ltd
China Kunshan OSK Precision Tools Co., Ltd
China Sandvik Mining and Construction (China) Co Ltd
China Sandvik (Jining) Rocbolt Technologies China Co., Ltd
China Sandvik China Holding Co., Ltd.
China Sandvik Coromant Cutting Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
China Sandvik Industrial Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
China Sandvik Industry Equipment (ChangZhou) Co., Ltd.
China Sandvik Logistics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
China Sandvik Mining and Construction (Luoyang) Co Ltd
China Sandvik Mining and Construction Trading (Shanghai) Co.
China Sandvik Mining Technology (Tianjin) Co., LTD
China Sandvik Rock Tools Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd
China Sandvik Tooling Production (Langfang) Co. Ltd
China Seco Tools (Shanghai) Co Ltd
China Seco Tools Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co Ltd
China Shanghai Jianshe Luqiao Machinery Co. Ltd
China Shanghai Pomo Machinery Products Co., Ltd.
China SigmaTEK Systems China, LLC
China Suzhou Xinlan Nano Technology Co., Ltd.
China Suzhou Yongpu Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
China Suzhou Yongpu Technology Management Co., Ltd.
China Walter Wuxi Co. Ltd.
China Wuhan Yongpu Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.
China Yongpu Global Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Colombia Deswik Colombia S.A.S
Colombia DSI Underground Colombia S.A.S.
Colombia Sandvik Colombia S.A.S.
Czech Republic Dormer Pramet s.r.o.
Czech Republic FREZITE s.r.o.
Czech Republic Sandvik CZ s.r.o.
Czech Republic Seco Tools CZ s.r.o.
Czech Republic WALTER CZ s.r.o.
Denmark Sandvik A/S
Denmark Seco Tools A/S
DR Congo Sandvik DRC Services SASU
DR Congo Sandvik Mining & Construction DRC SARL
Finland Oy Tampella Ab
Finland Sandvik Coromant Finland Oy
Finland Sandvik Mining and Construction Finland OY
Finland Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy
Finland Seco Tools Oy
Finland Tammerfors Linne och Jern Ab
Finland Tamrock Oy
Finland Velroq Oy
France A.O.B. S.A.S
France CGTech sarl
France DWFritz Metrology SAS
France Financiere Metrolog SAS
France Gunther Tools
France Metrologic Group SAS
France Sandvik Coromant Inserts France S.A.S
France Sandvik Holding France S.A.S
France Sandvik Mining and Construction France S.A.S
France Sandvik Mining and Construction Lyon S.A.S
France Sandvik Tooling France S.A.S
France Seco Ressources et Finances SA
France Seco Tools France S.A.S.
France Seco Tools Reaming SAS
France SECO Tools Tooling Systems SAS
France SigmaNEST France
France Walter France S.A.S.
Germany CGTech Deutschland GmbH
Germany Cimatron Technologies GmbH
Germany DSI Underground GmbH
Germany esco GmbH engineering solutions consulting
Germany FMT Frezite Metal Tooling GmbH
Germany Gold Werkzeugfabrik GmbH
Germany Metrologic Group GmbH
Germany pro-micron GmbH
Germany Protomedical GmbH
Germany Prototyp-Werke GmbH
Germany Sandvik Holding GmbH
Germany Sandvik Mining and Construction Central Europe GmbH
Germany Sandvik Mining and Construction Deutschland GmbH
Germany Sandvik Tooling Deutschland GmbH
Germany Schaum-Chemie Beteiligungen 1 GmbH
Germany Seco Tools GmbH
Germany SigmaNEST GmbH
Germany TDM Systems GmbH
Germany Walter AG
Germany Walter Deutschland GmbH
Germany Walter Germany GmbH
Germany Werner Schmitt PKD-Werkzeug GmbH
Ghana Sandvik Mining & Construction Ghana Limited
Hong Kong DWFritz Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Sandvik Hongkong Ltd
Hungary Pramet Kft
Hungary Sandvik Magyarorszag Kft
Hungary Seco Tools Kereskedelmi Kft
Hungary Walter Hungaria Kft
India CGTech India Software Solutions PLC
India Deswik Software Solutions India Private Limited
India Dormer Pramet India Private Limited
India Sandvik Coromant India Private Limited
India Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology India Private Limited
India Seco Tools India Private Limited
India SigmaTEK Systems India Private Limited
India Vaal Triangle Systems Private Limited
India Walter Tools India Private Limited
Indonesia PT Sandvik Indonesia
Indonesia PT Sandvik Mining and Construction Indonesia
Indonesia PT Sandvik SMC
Indonesia PT Seco Tools Indonesia
Indonesia Pt. DSI Indonesia
Indonesia Pt. DSI Underground
Ireland Premier Machine Tools (Ireland)
Ireland Sandvik Mining and Construction Logistics Limited
Israel Cimatron Limited
Italy CGTech srl
Italy Cimatron Technologies srl (Italy)
Italy Metrologic Group Italia S.R.L.
Italy Preziss, SRL
Italy Sandvik Italia S.p.A.
Italy Seco Tools Italia S.p.A SU
Italy SigmaTEK Srl (Italy)
Italy SSC Holding Italia SRL
Italy Walter Italia SRL
Japan KK CGTech
Japan Sandvik K.K.
Japan Sandvik Tooling Supply Japan K.K.
Japan Seco Tools Japan K.K.
Japan SigmaTEK Japan LTD.
Japan Walter Japan K.K.
Kazakhstan Deswik Kazakhstan LLP
Kazakhstan Sandvik Mining and Construction Kazakhstan Ltd
Korea, Republic of CGTech Co. Ltd
Korea, Republic of Sandvik Korea Ltd
Korea, Republic of Sandvik SuhJun Ltd
Korea, Republic of Seco Tools Korea Ltd
Korea, Republic of SigmaTEK Systems LLC Korea
Korea, Republic of Walter Korea Ltd
Luxembourg DSI Underground Holdings S.A.
Luxembourg DSI Underground IP Holding Luxembourg S.à r.l
Luxembourg DSI Underground SMART S.à r.l
Luxembourg Jupiter LuxCo 2 S.à r.l.
Luxembourg Rocbolt Technologies Holdings Mongolia S.à r.l.
Malaysia Sandvik Equipment Sdn Bhd
Malaysia Sandvik Mining And Construction (M) Sdn Bhd
Malaysia Seco Tools Sdn Bhd
Malaysia Walter Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Mali Sandvik Mining and Construction Mali Ltd
Mauritius Rocbolt of Mauritius Ltd
Mexico Deswik Mexico S.A de C.V
Mexico DSI Underground Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Mexico Mansour Mining Technolog De Mexico S.A DE C.V
Mexico Mansour Mining Technolog De Mexico Servicios S.A. de C.V.
Mexico NTX Mining Services S de RL de CV
Mexico Preziss Tools de Mexico, S de R.L. de C.V.
Mexico Sandvik de Mexicana S.A.
Mexico Sandvik Hard Materials de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Mexico Sandvik Mining and Construction de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Mexico Sandvik SA de CV
Mexico Seco Tools de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Mexico SigmaTEK Systems Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.
Mexico Terelion de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Mexico Valenite de Mexico
Mexico Walter Tools S.A. de C.V.
Mongolia Rocbolt Technologies Mongolia LLC
Mongolia Sandvik Mongolia LLC
Morocco Seco Tools S.A.
Mozambique Sandvik Mining & Construction Mozambique Lda
Namibia Sandvik Namibia (Pty) Ltd
Nigeria Sandvik Mining & Construction Nigeria Limited
Norway Sandvik Norge AS
Norway Sandvik Teeness AS
Norway Seco Tools AS
Papua New Guinea Sandvik Mining and Construction PNG Limited
Peru Deswik Peru S.A.C
Peru DSI Underground Peru S.A.C.
Peru Sandvik del Peru S.A.
Peru Sandvik Forestal S.A.
Peru Terelion, LLC Sucursal Del Peru
Philippines Sandvik Philippines Inc
Philippines Sandvik Tamrock Philippines Inc
Poland "DSI Schaum Chemie" Sp. z o.o.
Poland DSI Underground Chemicals sp. z o.o.
Poland DSI Underground Merol Sp. z.o.o.
Poland DSI Underground Poland Sp. z.o.o.
Poland Fabryka Narzędzi FANAR S.A.
Poland Pramet Sp. Z.o.o.
Poland Sandvik Polska Sp. z.o.o.
Poland Seco Tools Sp Z.o.o.
Poland Walter Polska SP. Z.o.o.
Portugal Seco Tools Portugal Lda
Romania Sandvik SRL
Romania Seco Tools Romania SRL
Romania Walter Tools SRL
Serbia Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology d.o.o
Serbia Seco Tools SRB d.o.o.
Singapore Sandvik Mining and Construction S.E. Asia Pte Ltd
Singapore Sandvik South East Asia Ptd Ltd
Singapore Seco Tools (SEA) Pte Ltd
Singapore Walter AG Singapore Pte Ltd
Slovakia PRAMET Slovakia, spol. s r.o.
Slovakia Sandvik Slovakia s.r.o.
Slovakia Seco Tools SK, s.r.o.
Slovakia Walter Slovakia s.r.o.
Slovenia Seco Tools SI trgovina d.o.o.
Slovenia Walter Tools, d.o.o.
South Africa Deswik Mining Consultants (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Kwatani (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Kwatani Global (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Kwatani Holding Pty Ltd
South Africa Mine & Quarry Supplies (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Newtrax Pty. Ltd
South Africa RB Technology Holdings (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Rocbolt Technologies Africa Pty Ltd
South Africa Rocbolt Technologies Holdings Pty. Ltd.
South Africa Rocbolt Technologies Pty. Ltd
South Africa Sandvik (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Sandvik Financial Services (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Sandvik Holdings Southern Africa Ltd
South Africa Sandvik Mining & Construction Delmas (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Sandvik Mining RSA (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions International (PTY) LTD
South Africa Sandvik SRP RSA (PTY) LTD
South Africa Schenck Process Africa (Pty) Limited
South Africa Schenck Process South Africa (Pty) Limited
South Africa Seco Tools South Africa (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Zebenza Kanzima (Pty) Ltd
Spain DSI Underground Spain SAU
Spain Herramientas Preziss, S.L.
Spain Metrologic Group Spain S.L.
Spain Preziss Diamant S.L.
Spain Sandvik Espanola
Spain Seco Tools Espana S.A.
Spain Walter Tools Iberica S.A.U.
Sweden AB Sandvik Coromant
Sweden AB Sandvik International
Sweden AB Sandvik Skogsfastigheter
Sweden AB Sandvik Steel Investment
Sweden Dormer Pramet AB
Sweden DSI Underground Nordics AB
Sweden Edvirt AB
Sweden Gimo Utbildningsaktiebolag
Sweden Industri AB Skomab
Sweden Metrolog Services Nordic AB
Sweden Pramet Scandinavia AB
Sweden Sandnest 3 AB
Sweden Sandvik Aktiebolag
Sweden Sandvik Besöksservice AB
Sweden Sandvik Coromant Sverige AB
Sweden Sandvik Far East Ltd, AB
Sweden Sandvik Financial Services AB
Sweden Sandvik Financial Services SPV AB
Sweden Sandvik Försäkrings AB
Sweden Sandvik Global Purchasing AB
Sweden Sandvik Group IT AB
Sweden Sandvik Intellectual Property AB
Sweden Sandvik Invest Aktiebolag
Sweden Sandvik Machining Solutions AB
Sweden Sandvik Mining and Construction Haparanda AB
Sweden Sandvik Mining and Construction Sverige AB
Sweden Sandvik Mining and Construction Tools AB
Sweden Sandvik Rotary Tools AB
Sweden Sandvik SRP AB
Sweden Sandvik Treasury AB
Sweden Sandvik Utbildningsaktiebolag
Sweden Sandvik Venture AB
Sweden Sanrip AB
Sweden Seco AB
Sweden Seco Tools AB
Sweden SETP Invest AB
Sweden Walter Norden AB
Switzerland HC Holding Alpha AG
Switzerland P. Rieger Werkzeugfabrik AG
Switzerland Sandvik AG
Switzerland Sandvik Holding AG
Switzerland Santrade Ltd
Switzerland Seco Tools AG
Switzerland Sphinx Werkzeuge AG
Switzerland Walter (Schweiz) AG
Taiwan (Province of China) Sandvik Taiwan Ltd
Taiwan (Province of China) Seco Tools (S.E.A.) Taiwan Branch
Tanzania Sandvik Mining & Construction Tanzania Limited
Thailand Sandvik Thailand Limited
Thailand Seco Tools (Thailand) Co Ltd
Thailand Walter (Thailand) Co Ltd
The Netherlands Sandvik Benelux B.V.
The Netherlands Sandvik Finance B.V. (EUR)
The Netherlands Sandvik Mining and Construction B.V.
The Netherlands Seco Tools BV
Türkiye Sandvik Endüstriyel Mamüller Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Türkiye Seco Tools Kesici Takimlar Makina San.Tic.A.S.
Türkiye Walter Cutting Tools Industry and Trade LLC
Ukraine LLC Seco Tools Ukraine
Ukraine Sandvik Ukraine (Enterprise with 100% foreign Investment Sandvik)
United Arab Emirates Sandvik Middle East FZE
United Kingdom BTA Heller Drilling Systems Ltd
United Kingdom CGTech Limited
United Kingdom Deswik Europe Ltd
United Kingdom Dormer Pramet Ltd
United Kingdom DSI Underground UK Holdings Ltd.
United Kingdom DSI Underground UK Ltd.
United Kingdom Edvirt UK Limited
United Kingdom Extec Mobile Crushers and Screens Limited
United Kingdom Fintec Crushing and Screening Limited
United Kingdom Inrock Ltd. (UK)
United Kingdom Mastercam UK Limited
United Kingdom Premier Machine Tools (UK)
United Kingdom Sandvik Holdings Ltd
United Kingdom Sandvik Ltd
United Kingdom Sandvik Materials Limited
United Kingdom Sandvik Mining and Construction LTD
United Kingdom Sandvik Osprey Ltd
United Kingdom Sandvik Services Limited
United Kingdom Seco Tools (UK) Limited
United Kingdom SigmaTEK Europe Limited
United Kingdom Tamrock Great Britain Holdings Ltd
United Kingdom Walter GB Ltd
USA Advanced Theodolite Technology, Inc.
USA Alliance CNC LLC
USA Artisan Vehicle Systems, Inc.
USA Benchmark Carbide LLC
USA Buffalo Tungsten Inc
USA Cambrio Acquisition, LLC
USA Cimatron Gibbs LLC (California)
USA Cimatron Technologies, Inc. (Michigan)
USA CNC Software, LLC
USA Deswik USA Inc.
USA Diamond Tool Coating, LLC
USA Dimensional Control Systems, Inc.
USA Dormer Pramet LLC
USA DWFritz Automation, LLC
USA DWFRitz International, Inc.
USA GWS Tool Intermediate Holdings LLC
USA Indexable Holding LLC
USA Industrial Metrology Solutions LLC
USA Inrock Acquisitions, Inc.
USA Inrock Drilling Systems, inc.
USA Intrepid LLC
USA Melin Tool Company, Inc.
USA Metrologic Group Services, Inc.
USA MG USA Properties, Inc.
USA Monster Tool LLC
USA Niagara Cutter LLC
USA Sandvik Financial Services LLC
USA Sandvik Machining Solutions USA LLC
USA Sandvik Mining and Construction USA LLC
USA Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions North America
USA Sandvik, Inc.
USA Seco Tools, LLC
USA SigmaTEK Systems, LLC (Delaware)
USA ST Acquisition Co.
USA STF Precision LLC
USA Taurus Tool LLC
USA TDM Systems Inc
USA Terelion LLC
USA Valenite LLC
USA Wetmore Tool and Engineering Company
Vietnam Sandvik Vietnam Company Ltd
Vietnam Seco Tools Vietnam Co Ltd
Zambia Sandvik Mining and Construction Zambia Limited
Zimbabwe Sandvik Mining & Construction Zimbabwe Limited

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